Getting Involved in Advocacy

Individuals and organizations have the right--in fact, the duty--to participate in the legislative process. Independent Sector, a national leadership forum, says there are three primary reasons why it is necessary to lobby for issues which are important to you.

  • First, government affects every aspect of our lives;

  • Second, in a democracy, government responds to the wishes of the people; and

  • Third, if you don't lobby, remember someone else with a different viewpoint or cause will.

  • Put elected officials on your mailing list, your PR list and your VIP list.

  • When you receive public funds from any level of government, national, state, or local, write a thank-you note to the appropriate elected officials, including executives, and send press releases to your local media.

  • Let your audiences, students, etc. know that your event or facility was made possible in part through public funds and encourage them to send thank?you letters also.

  • When, due to a lack of available funds, you do not receive a grant or you receive a grant that is much lower than requested, write elected officials requesting increased investment of public funds in museums, arts, history and culture so that projects like yours can be funded. Don't whine and/or harangue.

Awareness Activities: Commit to a Minimum of One a Quarter

  • Invite your elected officials for a tour of your facility and educate them about what you do and how your community, their constituency, benefits from what you do.

  • Request your elected officials to speak at an opening, dedication, community celebration, etc. Don't forget the press releases. Take photos and display them.

  • Invite elected officials to opening night gatherings, and any pre- or post-publicity events of shows, previews, openings, exhibits or displays.

  • Ask a elected official to speak about the legislative process at a meeting of your board of directors or membership, or staff.

  • Meet with your elected official in her/his district office to talk about tourism and the economic benefits.

  • Inform Utah Tourism Industry Coalition of exciting new activities so we can spread good ideas. Remember to send us your events and other information via email.

Contacting Your Elected officials

Check government web sites for brief bios and contact information on elected officials. The sites usually contain committee rosters, bill tracking, and voting records.

The executives at each level of government, Governor, mayor, usually present the first draft of the budgets and also approve or veto budgets as well as other arts related legislation. Send letters to executives just like you do to legislators.

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